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  1. Thanks for the answer Fins. I have a couple different planes but no radio gear, my old AM stuff sat too long and the battery did some weird damage to the wiring inside the radio, turned all the copper black. Anyhow I need new stuff and was just wondering if there was anything specific that I should get to be compatable with what other people have at the club or trainer connectivity, what throttle stick mode is most common in the area, ect. I was considering the spectrum DX 6 but also know you can't go wrong with futaba or at least that's what I remember. Can't seem to get any good feel for the brands on the forums just stirs up big arguments between the groups. Thanks for the advise.
  2. Hello, I am considering joining the club. I used to build and mostly crash rc planes in the early 90s, never got formal flight training. I think I'd like to get back into the hobby and was wondering how the training works and also what brand radio is prevalent at the club or if there is a requirement to have a specific trainer compatable radio. Your advise is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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