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  1. Hi, my name Is Doug Cook and I am one of the founding members of the lazy loopers flying club. We started flying at the Wilkins airport field in Plainville at the corner of 106 and 152 in the mid 70's. It was a very loosely organized group of guys flying r/c at the time. Then we started to grow and realized we needed to have our "club" chartered with the AMA for obvious reasons. A meeting was called, and when it was over, the lazy loopers was formed. This is my best recollection of how things went as it was some time ago. After some 20 years or so of flying competitive control line stunt, both competing and judging at a national level, chasing my son's around as they perused musical ambitions, and many other of life's sidetracks, I decided to rejoin the club to do some relaxing r/c flying and maybe help out with the running of the club where I can. Looking forward to meeting the club members and enjoying the flying field. Doug Cook.
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