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Yes , this is the plane I crashed today at the frozen finger fly , all fixed and ready to fly again . All those hours of A&P mechanic training at East Coast Aero Tech are good for something after all ;)

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Taken with Motorola MotoE2(4G-LTE)

  • 2.5 mm
  • 6666/100000
  • f f/2.2
  • ISO 1250
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I saw the crash, but I thought it would be an easy fix :)  Glad you got it working again

But wow, I never knew it was a night flyer! Looks sharp! Do the lights blink? I think HH sells a lighting set that blinks, but I think that's more for just scale look. 

I have a night flyer too called the Night Visionaire, but it doesn't look nearly as good as that... You may have seen it today at the frozen finger fun fly, but I attached a picture of what the lights look like at night


maxresdefault (3).jpg

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Hi Steve , I like your night flyer too ! I can tell in your picture that your plane does what mine does with the LEDs , it looks translucent with the light shining right through it . I find that , coupled with the red & green LEDs on the wings , really helps with keeping the orientation in the dark . I do not do any blinking lights whatsoever , my very first night flyer I set up just like a full scale plane complete with the strobe , and every time it blinked it ruined my "night sight" for a second till it blinked again . I was luck to have not crashed that one ! This one has had hundreds of flights which is why yesterday was pretty dumb on my part , grabbing the battery meant for a smaller plane and ending up way too tail heavy . Oh well , bet I never grab the wrong battery again ;)

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The Night Visionaire is a bit nose heavy. It makes it pretty difficult to land on grass, for obvious reasons. Luckily, it has a button that levels it out, which really helps with landings. Which brand is your night flyer? I find that you don't need different colored LED's with mine because you can see the top, which has some decals, and the bottom, which is completely covered in decals. The only problem is that the lights use so much power that you can only fly for about 4 minutes while doing 3d!

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Hi Steven , my night flyer is a long discontinued Great Planes Lancair parkflyer ARF that I fitted the LEDs to myself . The wings are balsa covered with Monokote (or ultracote I can't recall which brand is which) and the fuselage is fiberglass . For the red & green I used the brightest LEDs that radio shack sold at the time and the light at the top of the tail is a super bright LED that is supposed to be used in the "Maglite" flashlight . It's funny , the plane is SO old it's original running gear was a brushed gearbox motor and NIMH battery . I never flew it on the original setup , brand new straight out of the box I converted it to a "park 450" sized brushless non geared motor with LIPO ESC . I control the lights with dimension engineering's great little "piccoswitch" which is a relay driven by an otherwise unused channel and when I put the right 2200 LIPO in it (instead of the 1300 I used mistakenly yesterday)  I get around 10 minutes with the lights on .

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How many years old is it? My oldest plane is a 15-year-old nitro trainer. My dad and I tried starting it, and it worked after 5 minutes of trying! Later on, somehow I started the engine backward somehow... :o

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