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WindyTV for Awesome Wind and Weather Visualization


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Check out https://www.windytv.com/42.067/-71.328?41.617,-71.328,8,m:ePhaeci for awesome wind and weather visualization!

Shows you what the wind is doing all around a location you pick, but you can also zoom out to see the wind all around the globe!

I especially love the 3 different wind and weather forecasts at the bottom - now there is no guessing about the numbers.  Most weather websites go from one of these forecasts, this one shows you all three - average wind and top gusts.  More the forecasts converge (especially ECM and GFS), the more confident I am about the forecast.  As a quick check, for tomorrow at noon, ECM shows average wind of 11 mph with gusts of 28 mph.  GFS shows average wind of 14 mph and gusts of 22 mph.  Going to be windy :)


windytv pic.jpg

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