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We had a brief discussion on TFR's (temporary flying restrictions) at our annual meeting a couple of weeks ago.  I use this website www.uavforecast.com as my one stop check in on flying conditions including TFR's.. just type in the address 206 North St Wrentham MA.

The free web version shows forecast for the next 24 hours or so - temperature, wind, rain, satellite visibility, solar activity index (for GPS) etc.. very useful info.  The only thing it unfortunately does not have is wind gusts - and as we know, for fixed wing. Gusts are more crucial than average wind.  So I look up WillyWeather or Weather Underground for that info.


UAVforecast also shows two types of flying restrictions.  First, you will see the DJI self imposed flying restriction - specifically for Gillette perimeter - full time.  This is enforced (but can be over-ruled) by all DJI flying cameras - including the Phantom I fly.  The second shows FAA event based restrictions around Gillette.  This is a two step process since the restriction is permanent for the 5 miles around Gillette but applicable to named events.  So if you click anywhere in the circle with the TFR (which is always active) - you will see a text box that calls out when the TFR applies.  So for example today (Nov 30) - you will see the text box indicating the Rams event at 1300 hours this Sunday.


Unfortunately the TFR text box info is not fully visible in the iPad / mobile app - so even on my iPad I use the web version.

Just passing the info along for those interested.


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