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Another thing with vpn’s that can help is picking a location close to you. The closer the connection the faster the speed typically is. Also u want to see how many people are connected to that connection if there is to many its going to slow you down. With IPvanish you can call them and they will help you trouble shoot to find the best connection. I have multiple friends using their device and I get the same speeds as shown up to 185 but out of everyone I know with IPVanish they only lose 5mpbs speed which is incredible. Some of them just know how to get it like that and others will just call the service and have a tech help them find the best connection and the best choice between UDP and TCP. But everyone of them only has a loss of 5mbps with already fast internet speed. I’m going to switch back to IPVanish as they seem to be the best, I’ve tried at least 15 or 20 and none of them are anywhere close. If you want a free VPN and have a good speed like 100 or above try ghost VPN from the play store I use it to use a certain app to watch movies that you need a VPN and it works fine or Halo VPN works well to you open halo and from there you open the app pick USA if your in the USA and then the app will be running thru their VPN and the app I use would download a percentage of the movie but discard it when its done but if you do it they the VPN it takes about 5 minutes longer and then your movie plays flawlessly and it delete the movie from your system when your done (the app) then you just close out of that VPN which I only use it for that one app. Sometimes I use it if I’m going thru ace stream to watch yiffy movies which you can find in the play store but the app is made by another developer he just adds all of yiffy’s downloads all in hd or 1080. Good article as always.

When we see such cases, we ask the customer to try our TCP servers, and that usually solves the problem. We offer TCP servers in each of our network clusters around the world. Click here to see a list of , including instructions for adding our TCP configuration files.

Data packets sent over TCP will realize that they’re out of order and self-correct.When a packet sent via TCP arrives out of order, it’s held in a queue and waits for the others before it to catch up.


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Again, this trick should work to increase almost any VPN speed. But I always advise tcpvpn 30 testing your particular VPN and your streaming habits. Depending on how you use your VPN, you may not see as big a performance increase as I have here.

ExpressVPN offers both UDP and TCP-based VPN servers using the OpenVPN protocol. By default, your account is configured to connect via UDP. However, some ISPs or corporate firewalls block UDP traffic, preventing your computer from establishing a connection to our VPN network. Here’s an example of a log file where this problem occurs:

UDP sacrifices reliability for speed. Think of it as an unscrupulous eBay seller that doesn’t care if you actually get your item. They sent it and that’s all that matters.




It may also be advisable to check their speed for each remote port offered in both UDP and TCP, then just switching protocols alone. As an example, I found that using remote port 9201 in UDP gave me a 40% speed increase over another remote port I tested. Not too shabby. I’m not certain if the remote port numbers in IPVanish are the same as the VPN I’m using. It’s worth a shot to check by speed testing each remote port in both TCP and UDP.

Security is not my forte, but the research IO was able to find (and understand because it gets really in-depth really quickly) seems to say that, at least for streaming, .


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