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How to hide ip address for kodi

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You can check your external IP address on Kodi before and after connecting to a VPN server by using this guide

Hi. I just purchased PureVPN. Do I need to make any changes to how to hide ip address for kodi my router after I install using Kodi? After making the purchase it looks like my ATT Uverse Router isn’t supported. I thought it would be a simple install on Kodi and I’d be good to go. Thanks!

Streaming gadgets geek. Interested in every little thing there is to know about bypassing regional restrictions. Avid believer in the right to protect online privacy. Charles has also reviewed plenty of VPN service providers and knows how to separate the good apples from the bad ones.

Your IP address basically is your .

I have 5 Amazon FireTV devices all runing Kodi 17.1 and Netflix and Hulu. Once I install the VPN it works great on Kodi but now it won’t allow me to play Netflix or Hulu. Is there a setting or an alternative VPN out there allowing to only run with KODI or exclude certain apps such as Netflix or Hulu?

I previously set up NordVPN on my PC and have just added Kodi to my Firestick for my TV. Will I need to add another VPN to my Firestick or can I use the NordVPN through my Wi-Fi connection. If so how can I do this?

If you do not want to install additional software on your streaming device, you can also without the need for an app. The installation procedure is still fairly easy in this case if you carefully follow the instructions.

Hi I got ipvanish in my fire stick mainly to watch live football streams , it says connected while I’m on kodi but still can’t seem to get any streams ? Please help


Good stuff here. I have a compatible firestick, installed and it never connects. It’s runs through the process , says authenticating and then after the assigning IP Address comes up in the status it goes right back to Disconnected. Shows same ip address, my location is the city I live in and again, status = Disconnected. Any ideas?

It depends. If you install VPN on your router, all the devices connected to that router will benefit from its VPN connection. Alternatively, if you choose to install VPN individually on each device, only those devices will have its IP address hidden.

Your , please leave a comment below.


I would like to try kodi. I’m new at this. Basically I use my android Hotspot for my internet connection. Then connect my PC to my TV. My question is, do I need to install VPN on my android phone or my PC or both? Thanks

A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of different VPN providers. But, which of these VPN services can be truly trusted. If you want a VPN provider who values your online on Kodi in the table below.


Hi Ian. The IP address that you see in the Kodi settings is your Android TV box’s private IP address issued to it by your router. The IP address you get when you use IPVanish is a public IP address. That’s why they are different.


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