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If you specify your Perfect Privacy user credentials when you order, you will receive a completely pre-configured router. You can simply plug it in and all your devices will be able to use the router for a secure internet connection.

Perfect privacy mobile


You need to allow the App to access your files so that the configuration file can be imported. After confirming the configuration will be shown in the OpenVPN app and you can import it by clicking on the checkmark at the top right.

You can freely choose between all of our fast VPN servers. These are distributed throughout the world, including popular locations like Sweden, Russia, Iceland, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. Most of our servers have IPv6 addresses and bandwidth up to 1000 mbps.

You first establish a connection to a VPN server of your choice, for instance. If the servers used in the cascade support IPv6 you will also have a full dual stack IPv4 IPv6 connection.

Open your browser and go to the .

Open the Google Play Store and search for ).

Some VPN providers offer the option to tunnel your Internet traffic with two VPN servers. With the Perfect Privacy client software for Windows you can even encrypt your traffic – and using additional proxy servers and a SSH tunnel offers even more!


Such cascading will make it to trace back your activities. However, this comes at the cost of slower speed: While your bandwidth should not be affected, your latency will increase depending on the number of hops you are using.

The other configuration option will provide you with a VPN-ready router but you will need to enter your Perfect Privacy user credentials yourself. Simple step by step instruction are included with all VPN routers. This offer includes three months of free support by FlashRouters.



In our partnership with Vilfo you get a with an Intel® Celeron 3215U that can process up to 600 Mbit/s AES-256-CBC.

The high bandwidth surplus of the Perfect Privacy network guarantees you a working and fast VPN access at any time. We monitor the servers bandwidth utilization so that we avoid network bottlenecks, and provide new VPN servers if necessary.

Our team of developers constantly researches new technologies to integrate useful features like into our VPN service that serve the comfort and security. In addition, we regularly conduct audits internally and externally to detect possible security gaps and inform other VPN providers about these to make the Internet more secure for everybody.


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