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There is a bit of a here, as you'll have a hard time trying to find any concrete information regarding the company's headquarters, founders or employees. It's understandable why this would make some users uncomfortable.

VPN express has been bulletproof for keeping my private things private. The ability to use different servers and connect all over the world has me feeling good about my privacy. It lives up to its hype and is as good as it says.

One of the the great selling points of ExpressVPN is the huge number of servers available. These are spread over a whopping 94 countries, all with a strong 256-bit encryption. In the USA alone they have more servers than any other VPN we tested. This allows for much more precise geolocation options than most other providers, and can likely give you access to local services straight from your area, while at the same time providing complete anonymity. The speeds are constantly high and reliable also, earning them their name.

My IP can clearly be changed through this as seen by goggle, my location changed. Works great and connects fast. Massive selection of location changes and multiple areas in the same location. Couldn't ask for more 10/10

While you can easily find plenty of

I’m very happy with ExpressVPN. I’ve tried other products but ExpressVPN delivers. I’ve also had a good experience with online service dept. It is quick and easy to install and functions well on my desktop,iPad and my iPhone.

ExpressVPN iOS users enjoy a military grade AES 256-bit encryption that can easily be implemented on all iOS devices simultaneously.ExpressVPN does not log user activity on iOS(or other devices for that matter), which means that those who are using the VPN have the comfort of knowing that their data, as well as their Internet activity, is entirely private. ExpressVPN’s native app for iOSid is easy to install and does not require any configuration (like some VPNs, which require that use the OpenVPN app). It is important to note that you cannot just install it from the App Store; you must first sign up for an account on their website.

Vpn proxy plugin

Its superiority in this aspect is clearly evident, but just to be sure, It's official: ExpressVPN is fast. Really fast. (The Hong Kong and Australia servers still fall slightly below the others, but I have a feeling this won't be the case for long.)

Most VPNs can be connected and activated with just a few clicks of the mouse, it really is that simple. You’ll need to download and run the program, create a login and then just choose which country you’d like connect to and you’re all set.

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While there are a couple of other VPNs that may be comparable to ExpressVPN in terms of speed, including a high level of encryption that doesn't slow it down one bit.

I tried the live chat on several different occasions, and and even a couple of my more challenging questions were answered promptly and professionally.

If you're new to the world of VPNs and you're not sure what any of this means, that's not a problem. The ExpressVPN apps will That’s what I call user-friendly.


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