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By using a web proxy, you can also easily access the banned websites of your country. That is because it shows the IP address from the state that supports the site like yours. Likewise, if your network does notsupporta website, then using web proxies will resolve the issue.

As mentioned earlier, a wide variety of web proxy services are now available that claim to be the best free proxies ensuring privacy and freedom. Unfortunately, there are some web proxies as well that are known for stealing your data. These services also check your activities and track you. Therefore, one should be very cautious in selecting a web proxy service.

Similarly, if you are a journalist, then you must provide comprehensive reports on the current situation of any country. But you cannot access the reliable sources of that country. Don’t be sad. The web proxies might help you to access the sites of the country to which you are officially limited.


It offers five outstanding options that everyone wants in a web proxy site. Its simple search bar is provided with features such as, removing the objects, page encryption, enabling or disabling the cookies, encrypting the URL as well as eliminating the scripts that might harm your computers.

IP according to your very own preference. It does not impose its very own IP. Rather it offers the IP addresses from different countries. You can choose the one which is most suitable for you.

is quite different from all other best free anonymous proxies mentioned earlier. It not only hides your exact IP but also masks the browser and the operating system. It disables the access to your last visit by hiding HTTP referrer information. This makes tracking by any spy, hacker or even security services difficult. It also has an option to block the cookies, remove ads from web pages, and prevent animation repetition.

Proxy for surf


WizProxy.com is a free web-based anonymous proxy service, which allows anyone to surf the web with privacy and security. There is no software to install, and it is completely free! By using WizProxy.com, you can surf websites but hackers or website owners cannot identify or track you. The service hides your IP address, and it prevents monitoring of your network traffic.

Our VPN and proxy is supported by all BitTorrent clients, so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get up and running with hide.me. Use one of our helpful guides to set up your device and get protected in a few minutes.



Another one of the free web proxies is . Just like its name, it will genuinely hide you. The servers offered by this site do not save any of your databases and IP addresses permanently. It also provides a subscription VPN service for its users. In addition, it is free from annoying ads and popup windows.

We, in this free web proxies guide, have covered all the best proxy services for accessing the popular websites. These proxies are secured and won’t disclose your identity. By using these proxies, you can access the sites that are banned in your schools, offices, and even in your country. You just have to type the website URL in any of the web proxy site mentioned above and let the site open your favorite link.

We offer a free web proxy to easily access blocked websites and surf the web anonymously. If you want to encrypt your whole internet connection and enjoy all advantages of our VPN, please sign up for free and setup our VPN solution.

You can find many proxy server lists on the internet. However, not every web proxy is beneficial. A public web proxy can create a problem for you. The unreliable and unsecured web proxy server can alter the responses you receive, or can also induce a malware to your computers. Such a web proxy might store all your data that can be used later.


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