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What is vpn proxy master app

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So here we have a offering a free VPN app that collects your data and then sells it to third parties and “partner” companies. And they are offering privacy solutions –oh the irony.


If you are looking for what is vpn proxy master app a secure, safe VPN I would recommend going with a paid version – see my recommendations for more details.

To determine the how VPNMaster.com is related to the various VPN Master apps from above, I initiated a chat session. The chat representative told me that I could download their free version for Android in the Google Play store, and also provided me with a link.

Recently I’ve received on my iPhone a warning message claiming that I have viruses, and offering cleaning up and protection help, and in particular, as a the first step it suggests to instal “Best VPN proxy better net” app. To me, it sounded too fishy! So I’ve decided to ignore that message. Do you think I am right or wrong? In general, is there any way to filter out decent VPN applications from the malware ones?

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Når man har lastet ned en slik app og leser det du skriver over i ettertid, er spørsmålet: Evt. Hva skal man gjøre for å bli kvitt dette?

Finally, I also tested an older version of VPN Proxy Master for the guide, and it had four positive hits for malware.

The final item we will examine now is VPN Master for PC. If you look for the PC version of VPN Master you will come across a company that appears to be operated out of the United States (vpnmaster.com). Here is theirwebsite.

You see, Free VPN Master unlimed proxy (sic) appears to be, which is “China’s largest independent Big Data service platform” – according to their website.


One such example is VPN Master. As you will see below, there are numerous apps using variations of the“VPN Master” name – and many of them contain malware (according to VirusTotal test results).

If you are looking for a secure, safe VPN I would recommend going with a paid version – see my recommendations for more details.

I would not recommend downloading and testing free VPNs for malware. You could call this risky behavior. This is mainly because free VPNs are loaded with bad stuff that can infect your devices and go undetected by most malware programs.


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