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Limetorrents website is a popular torrent directory, which means it doesn’t host any torrent file itself but instead links you to other websites that host the file. If you want to download games, software, eBooks, movies, and music, then Limetorrents is perfect for you. This torrent site is also family friendly, which means you will not find any inappropriate content.

Government agencies in multiple countries are cracking down torrent websites. This is no new news; however, the scale of blocked websites is growing exponentially. In these scenarios, torrent proxy sites play an important role. People love downloading torrents and proxy site give users unhindered access to blocked websites.

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Now you might be wondering, what is the catch? How can something be so good? Well there is a caveat, and that is, this website is blocked in numerous countries and can only be unblocked by a or Limetorrents proxy. The reason for that is, although it does not host any files, it still redirects to a website that has illegally obtained copyrighted digital content.

This way you can access Limetorrents and download torrent without facing any issues. One thing to keep in mind is that not all proxy or mirror sites are going to work properly. Therefore, we have made a list of Limetorrents proxies and mirror sites that are working flawlessly in 2018.

Since Limetorrents is blocked, many users that love torrenting from the site are resorting to using Limetorrents proxy sites. As it is the easiest way to access and download a torrent from Limetorrents. If you are looking for a more detailed way to unblock Limetorrents, then check out our guide.

Torrent proxy limetorrents

VPN services also enable you to spoof your location and your IP addresses so that you can access sites that are blocked in your region. Despite being a super effective way of accessing limetorrents, it has its downsides. VPN connections do tend to slow down your internet connection which inevitably results in slower torrent downloads.

To counter legal issues and a potential ban from Google, the site’s domain has been changed from LimeTorrents to . The homepage of the website has also been revamped with a fresh new look.

It is not new that government’s and the content creators use the legal power to ban the users from using the limetorrents site. Once the torrent site is banned or blocked from accessing it, then people find it difficult to find the free content. That is the reason many people use limetorrents proxy servers to access the content without creating a lot of problems.

Ever since the site first came in to view back in 2009, the site has been a constant target of copyright trolls. During the infancy of the site, many of their servers were confiscated by IFPI and later the site’s proprietor had to face a legal battle against when they sued the site over piracy of Expendables 3.


As we discussed earlier, if you cannot access Limetorrents in your region, then you need to use either a Limetorrents mirror site or a proxy site. Mirror sites are an exact replica of the original site that has all the original contents. Whereas a unblock proxy site is just a mean of accessing blocked sites.

When it is difficult to directly access Lime torrents then you need to use the limetorrents mirror sites for download process. Limetorrents proxy sites or links will provide limetorrents unblocked websites for your use.


Just go through all the limetorrents mirror sites if some of the torrent sites do not provide access to the site directly. As of now all of the sites are working perfectly and they are live. Here is the working Limetorrents proxy / Limetorrents mirror sites list of 2018.

VPN is another option besides proxy to access limetorrents. This method is also much more versatile and secure as compared to proxy sites. Using VPN services can secure your entire internet connection. All of your requests to Limetorrents servers will be in an encrypted format, therefore, no third party can decode your request.


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