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  1. Thanks! Very helpful
  2. 5869cd54b0df7-Nightflyer1.jpg

    How many years old is it? My oldest plane is a 15-year-old nitro trainer. My dad and I tried starting it, and it worked after 5 minutes of trying! Later on, somehow I started the engine backward somehow...
  3. 5869cd54b0df7-Nightflyer1.jpg

    The Night Visionaire is a bit nose heavy. It makes it pretty difficult to land on grass, for obvious reasons. Luckily, it has a button that levels it out, which really helps with landings. Which brand is your night flyer? I find that you don't need different colored LED's with mine because you can see the top, which has some decals, and the bottom, which is completely covered in decals. The only problem is that the lights use so much power that you can only fly for about 4 minutes while doing 3d!
  4. 55cc Krill Katana S 28%

    Not sure why there is an apple on the wing... I didn't even notice it before
  5. Inside Krill Katana S

    There is a leak somewhere... going to be annoying trying to find it as you can tell
  6. 20cc Top Flite P-51D Mustang

    I got this as an ARF around September and built it with my dad. It has a four stroke nitro engine, and has had a few crashes, but looks great anyway
  7. Trying to fit everything in one car

    It gets a bit crowded once you start trying to bring 4+ planes in one car...
  8. 55cc Krill Katana S 28%

    This is the newest addition to my hangar and has a DLE-55 and a Sullivan smoke pump. It has an 85' wingspan. I brought it down to the field a few times and got some great advice, but I haven't maidened it yet. Still waiting for the perfect day
  9. ExtremeFlight Gas MXS 83 with Electric 48

    How does the 48-inch handle compared to the 76? -Steve
  10. 5869cd54b0df7-Nightflyer1.jpg

    I saw the crash, but I thought it would be an easy fix Glad you got it working again But wow, I never knew it was a night flyer! Looks sharp! Do the lights blink? I think HH sells a lighting set that blinks, but I think that's more for just scale look. I have a night flyer too called the Night Visionaire, but it doesn't look nearly as good as that... You may have seen it today at the frozen finger fun fly, but I attached a picture of what the lights look like at night -Steve
  11. Sponsorship

    Ok, I sent an email. I actually haven't even flown the Katana yet, I've just been looking for clubs to maiden it at!
  12. Sponsorship

    Recently, I have been looking for new clubs. I used to do giant scale electrics, 3d, and normal scale nitro & gas. Now I am moving into giant scale 3d gas with my new Krill Katana 28%, so the Burlington RC field won't be big enough for me anymore. I am 13 years old, and my father and I are very interested in the lazy loopers field. I noticed on the application that you either need a sponsorship from a current member, or to talk to an officer. I do not know anyone from the club, so should I talk to an officer? Where would I be able to do that?