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  1. Admin

    Pot Luck

    Bring your favorite dish and airplane for a day of flying. Oct 12th with a rain date Oct 13th
  2. Admin

    Lazy Loopers Pot Luck Day

    Club Members, the days are getting short. We would like to invite you all down to the field on Saturday, October 12th for Pot Luck Day. The day will kick off at 11 am and you can stay as long as you like. It’s a chance to share your best culinary masterpieces with the rest of the club but if you can't cook, we will still have burgers and dogs off the grill. Of course, make sure to bring your planes with you for some flying fun! This may be the final get together of the year so call any club members you know and save the date! Rain Date: Sunday, October 13th.
  3. Join us on Saturday August, 17 at 10:00AM until 3:00PM for our some fun flying and cookout. The club will be providing drinks and snacks along with hamburgers and hot dogs. Rain date will be Sunday August, 18.
  4. (click below to see full article and pictures) We had many people show up for the field clean up and run way repair event today (Sunday April 14) at 9 am. Weather was great, and many people pitched in. We filled in big depressions under the runway, replaced many of the stakes that had come out, patched a couple of prop strikes and glued in some fabric to get it into shape! Then, some brush clean up to get the field in good shape. Following this, we launched the flying season with many pilots taking to the skies! Much fun was had by all! We only had a couple of crashes and one bad landing - not at all bad for the first day of flying after winter hibernation. There were no foamies flying today to kiss the trees like they always do first day of flying, but overall it was a LOT of fun! Great weather, good field, and terrific company! Thanks to all the volunteers who rolled up their sleeves and helped today! Work got done in short order thanks to all of your help.
  5. Admin


    Freewing Sukhoi SU-35 Twin 70mm EDF Rudders Thrust Vectors (3 axis) 1 x 6S 5000 Gens Ace batt 18 channel Jeti receiver All sequencer and mix functions via radio
  6. All, we need to start displaying the FAA number on our RC planes and drones starting Feb 25th based on the interim final ruling issued by the FAA. Other articles on this page and the banner at the bottom explain how to get an FAA number if you dont have one. https://amablog.modelaircraft.org/amagov/2019/02/13/faa-issues-interim-final-rule-for-external-marking-requirement/
  7. Admin


    ANNUAL WINTER AUCTION – SUNDAY FEBRUARY 17, 2019 WRENTHAM DEVELOPMENT CENTER – AUDITORIUM GREELEY STREET WRENTHAM MA $3 ADMISSION FEE, 10% SELLER’S FEE CASH ONLY DOORS OPEN FOR SET UP AT 8:30 AUCTION RUNS 9 AM TO 1 PM Directions from Wrentham Center (Rt. 1A and Rt. 140): Follow Rt. 140 north and proceed 4/10th of a mile, then bear right onto Shear Street. Follow Shear Street for 7/10th of a mile (Anvil Pub will be on left), and turn right onto Smith Avenue. Follow Smith Ave for about 100 feet and take first right onto Greeley Street. The auditorium is 2nd building on the left (look for ramp). INTERESTED IN JOINING THE CLUB OR RENEWING? Please bring application and check or exact change please! We request all members to renew as quickly as practical. ANNUAL WINTER AUCTION – SUNDAY FEBRUARY 17.pdf
  8. Admin

    Winter Fun Fly!

    All, weather permitting, lets get together this Saturday Jan 12 for an informal Winter Fun Fly! Most clubs did not attempt a frozen finger fly on Jan 1 due to terrible winds. Anything goes, bring whatever you have! We can also share tips and tricks for winter flying, share any updates on winter building projects etc. Very informal. We could do a coffee and donut run if enough people show up.
  9. Admin

    Winter Fun Fly

    All, while there was no chance of a frozen finger fly on Jan 1 due to weather, lets see if we can meet this Saturday for an informal winter flying get together.. anything is game! I am happy to bring donuts and coffee, add a comment or reply to the email i am sending separately so i have a count. Sanjeev Joshi President
  10. Admin


    A soggy winter day Jan 8, 2019 at Lazy Loopers, BUT no snow! Between bouts of drizzle i managed to get a few flights on my ExtremeFlight Slick 52.
  11. Admin


    A soggy winter day Jan 8, 2019 at Lazy Loopers, BUT no snow! Between bouts of drizzle i managed to get a few flights on my ExtremeFlight Slick 52.
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