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  1. Jarod, i have the instructions to the ME163 will bring them to the field next tim sorry

  2. I know it`s X-Mass and me not having a big family. I am going to take this day 25 th to go flying if anyone want`s to take a break and get away.

    The weather is going to be great no wind join me.

    Marry X-MASS



  3. Who`s flying tomorrow suppose to be a great day mid 50s 7MPH wind. 

    Hope to see all


  4. Who's flying today?

    Need a flying partner who's game?
  5. Who's flying today?

    Jay my number is 401-269-6751
  6. Who's flying today?

    I am here now
  7. Who's flying today?

    I am here now
  8. Who's flying today?

    Hay its the new member Nat or Natty i will be at the field tomorrow at noon if not to windy. hope to see someone..