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  1. Getting Started with Flight Instruction

    Test reply with @3DFlyer notification.
  2. Hi Everyone. As you can see things are changing pretty dramatically around here. I'm working on getting everything set up and rolling, but for now just bear with me a bit. When we're done here, there will be a lot to be proud of! One thing I ask of everyone is that you sign up! Please take a moment to do this. It will greatly help with communications in the future. This site has a built in email list and we can send emails to everyone who is registered with a valid email address and who opts in. That means when you register please make sure the check the box next to the "send me updates" option on the registration page! Also, when you register please fill out your profile with your name and AMA number. Only club officers and you can see your last name, but having it here let's us keep better track of members! Thanks! Rick