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  1. Found: LLFC member badges
  2. Found: car keys
  3. FOUND: puma hoody
  4. Hey there, if you have lost something or found something , post it here. Detailed description will need to be given for returns. (No descriptions here ,only lost n found items) reply here or contact hippie-pot-o-mus safety officer
  5. Aug 30 2015 great day at field right now little to no wind
  6. Oops sorry 8-6-15 is the date for comment above
  7. 8-5-15 hey all it's beautiful flying down the field today. I'll be back after my MRI's around 12-1 pm. Please be sure to report rips in our runway ASAP . You won't be In Trouble when you do. It's so we can patch it right away and won't interfere with flying. I found 9 patches when I got back from vacation. Boooooo!! The patches are tacky so be careful on take offs n landings so you n your plane don't get tar all over you. Thanks for your cooperation
  8. 7-17-15 Hey all happy hippie here at the field . Supah pissa day for flying. Relatively calm day. If ya got'em ... Fly'em .Fly'em if ya got'em.
  9. Going to the field today 7-9-15 somewhere around 11:30-12:00 pm
  10. Headed to the field soon 7-5-15
  11. Hey nat wats the date u goin? I'll come if it's today!6-29-15 lemme know by responding here on site
  12. Well another week gone in summer better get flyin. Wind suppose to be really low and rain coming late soooo who's flying today? Call let me know.
  13. Hey all happy hippie here, I'm gonna be at the field today about 12-12:30 . Anyone want to fly?