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Lazy Loopers welcomes prospective and current members to take advantage of our flight instruction program!

Proper training will greatly accelerate your RC progress and reduce your repair time and repair expenses - guaranteed!  Prospective members - we are happy to meet with you and get you started - and in addition, we do require a club membership to go through the instruction program.

We have a team of instructors who are happy to work with you as volunteers to help you get your wings.  You can typically find us at the field over the weekend, and especially around mid morning Saturday.   In addition, starting in Spring - last Saturday of every month, we will have RC School at the field at 10:30 am.  This is open to any one interested in learning about RC or how to get started.  Look for calendar events starting in March or April depending on the weather.

If you are specifically looking for RC Instruction - or a new member looking to demonstrate solo competency, please send me a message @3DFlyer   - the Instructor team will make arrangements to have one of us meet with you at the field.  We will go over the basics of membership, equipment, field and safety rules, and recommend an instruction path based on your specific skill level and needs.  Please keep in mind the instructors are volunteers, so depending on demand and time of the year, we will schedule the instruction to work with the instructor's schedule. 

Happy Flying!

Sanjeev Joshi

Chief Instructor and Club Vice President

Click on @3DFlyer to message me.

Note:  You need to log in to message.  It takes a minute to create a login if you dont have one.  Once you login, you can click on the message link on my profile page as well.


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